At Sandalon Security 

We Observe Strict Guidelines For Recruitment.      

Sandalon  Security  always  strive to recruit the best person for the job.

Our recruitment and selection procedures have been designed to ensure that they are consistent, fair and provide equality of opportunity. All selection decisions are based solely on ability and irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, disability, marital status, race, and religion, responsibility for dependents, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation or age.

We take into account all current legislation covering Equal Opportunities and apply this to every stage of our recruitment and selection process.

We provide specific recruitment process training and guidance.

  • We look at the skills and qualifications necessary for an individual to be able to do the job.
  • Interview questions are objective and relevant to the requirements of the job
  • Avoid discriminatory language or implications
  • All applicants are required to provide a CV .
  •  All licensing and vetting of potential candidates is done in accordance for the P S A. Personal information is used only for limited purposes in accordance with     Data Protection Legislation.
  • Our recruitment processes and procedures are regularly monitored and reviewed, and this policy is updated accordingly.

 If you wish to apply for a position as one of our  Security  Officers /Mobile Patrol Officers  please forward your CV by email: 

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