Car Park Attendants

Security officers play a critical role in preventing and identifying potential threats in parking lots. Their very presence can cause criminals to think twice before breaking into cars, vandalizing them or committing other crimes. Security guards can also work with local law enforcement officers to help apprehend suspects after a crime has been committed in a parking lot.

We ensure the rules governing the parking lot are followed and report any suspicious activities when necessary to the local authorities. we can monitor the parking lot and the access gate, security officers may grant and deny access to vehicles. 

We at Sandalon can supply professional, uniformed and visible car park attendants to service your car park requirements.  Our staff will be trained in directing traffic and ensuring the smooth running of your facility while dealing with those who avail of your car parking facility with a courteous, welcoming manner. Our attendants can also be utilized to ensure rubbish found in the car park is properly cleaned and binned.