Mobile Patrols

We provide a mobile security service which acts as a highly effective visible deterrent to crime. All mobile patrols are carried out randomly in order to prevent observers from working out a predictable routine.

Our Mobile Patrol Service provides a complete low-cost security solution to ensure that your premises are secure at all times.  Our security personnel carry out high visibility patrols to prevent criminal activity.
We have vehicles working around the city and surrounding areas on a 24 hour basis, every day throughout the year.

We at Sandalon Security Limited have now upgraded our mobile patrol service to offer all our clients, new and old. The option to improve their security at an unbelievable offer which will not be matched by any of our competitors which will offer you the client peace of mind and the responsibility from our shoulders outside of your normal working hours. This service will operate with security C.C.T.V or alarm systems.

The Patrol driver in full uniform and marked van with built-in safe and two-way radio controlled unit to call to your premises at irregular times

  1. Turn off cameras or alarm systems
  2. Patrol the premises
  3. Turn off all unused electrical equipment
  4. Check for any water usage to save on waste charges
  5. Ensure premises are safe and secure
  6. Reset all alarms and cameras if in use
  7. All calls to be carried out at irregular times no set pattern

Mobile Patrol Spot Checks are a money-saving solution that allow our security guards to check in on your business at random yet regimented times 

Typical duties performed during patrolling of your premises 

  • Exterior inspections 
  • Interior inspections 
  • Lone worker checks
  • Locking/unlocking of premises